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As an open and affirming Christ-following Quaker community, we recognize that all persons are equal before God, called to worship, serve and grow together.

All are loved and welcome here.

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We are a community of seekers,
journeying together to follow the commandments of Jesus.

Open Doors

As members together in the priesthood of all believers, we encourage all persons who feel the Spirit’s urging to share what they have heard from God.

Open Minds

We are called to faithfully steward those things entrusted to us:
wealth, sexuality, people, and privilege.

Open Hearts

We wish to be a community that draws all people to the feet of Christ,
who alone can meet all their needs.

Open Lives

All are loved and welcome here.


Latest Posts

November 22, 2020: Zoom Gathered Worship

Community teaching and sharing this week from (in order of appearance): Elizabeth Sherwood, Steve Fawver, Susan Fawver, Miriam Staples, the Harwood Family, Michelle Akins, and Elizabeth & Edwin Nuñez.

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