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May 28, 2020: Prayer Journal

Spend some time contemplating not only upon what you have lost during these days of isolation and how you have dealt with

May 28, 2020: Prayer Journal2020-05-26T09:50:51-07:00

May 27, 2020: Prayer Journal

Pray for all of the families who have had to say good-bye to loved ones in strange and strained ways in these

May 27, 2020: Prayer Journal2020-05-26T09:50:43-07:00

May 26, 2020: Prayer Journal

“What will you do with your one wild and crazy life?” Mary Oliver Ask God to lead you in this time of

May 26, 2020: Prayer Journal2020-05-26T09:50:34-07:00

May 25, 2020: Prayer Journal

As you listen to this link of Grace to You, think of someone to whom you need to offer grace today.

May 25, 2020: Prayer Journal2020-05-26T09:49:45-07:00

May 24, 2020: Prayer Journal

“There is always reason to hope, even when our eyes are filled with tears.” Henri Nouwen (Gracias, pg. 179).  Name areas of

May 24, 2020: Prayer Journal2020-05-17T15:27:23-07:00

May 23, 2020: Prayer Journal

Think of each continent and pray for the global community as God leads.  

May 23, 2020: Prayer Journal2020-05-17T15:28:17-07:00

May 22, 2020: Prayer Journal

Pray for leaders in government on the local, state, and national level.  

May 22, 2020: Prayer Journal2020-05-17T15:24:56-07:00